Paternity TestingPaternity Testing - Child

  • Fast results (Average turnaround time is 5 days)
  • Accurate-Advanced technology producing 100% error-free results and paternity probability over 99.999%.
  • Confidential Results-only released with written consent
  • Painless Sample Collection-cheek swab that is non-invasive, ideal for clients of all ages

What Is Paternity Testing?
It is estimated that 10-20% of the population have some doubt about who their father is. Paternity testing is a way to establish this fatherhood. Everyone is born with DNA. This DNA is passed down from the mother and father to the child. Through DNA identification we can determine biological relationships.

How Accurate Are The Results?
We utilize Universal Forensics lab, which has developed technology that is the most accurate and advanced method in determining paternity available. Results are accepted in courts throughout the United States. The probability of paternity is 99.999%. If mismatches are found between the DNA of an alleged father and child, he is 100% excluded from being the biological father.

Who Should Be Tested?
Ideally the mother, child, and alleged father should be tested. You can receive accurate results without the mother’s sample, but it is recommended she also be tested if possible.

How Can I Order A Test?

Call (800) 290-8066 or (813) 662-2182 to set-up an appointment.