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UScreen urine tests will give you negative results with solid, dark test lines in 90 seconds or less! And UScreen can be ordered with an optional test strip for adulterants.

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The BreathScan Alcohol Detector is U.S. Patented and is probably one of the most tested devices of its kind. Numerous independent laboratory tests have established the reliability of the BreathScan tester.
Drug Screen Solutions BreathScan
5- to 13-panel drug testing kits
All-in-one drug screen that does all the testing for you. The results are ready in just seconds.
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8, 12 or 14-panel drug testing kits
Integrated test cup screens for a wide variety of prescription and illicit drugs.
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1- to 10-panel drug testing kits
A dip card style drug screen. The results are generally ready in 60 seconds.
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Adulteration Detection and Gloves
Drug Screen Solutions - Intect